11 Haziran 2009 Perşembe

my secret

I was a student at University of Akdeniz Public Relation Master Programme. We were going to enter examination a lesson that named was “Brand Management” end of the term. This lessons’s teacher was coming from University of Anadolu.

We were talking about examination with teacher and he told us “you can take to copy my notes which are on the table after the lesson.” End of the lesson we took all notes from on the table with my friend. The other students were going to take from us. First we went a copy center that in the campus after than we decided to go eating lunch. Because copy center owner told us “it takes long time” We said ok. We could came back again after the lunch.

One hour later we went copy center for taking our copies. While we were paying copies of money we recognized that something was wrong. Our copies were too many pages. We read first page than looked each other and smiled. The title was like this “ You should speak as your brand!”. This title was our teacher’s new book which will press two mounts later. Of course it was surprised. At first we thought “we steal teacher’s book and copied it. We are scient thiefs.”After three minutes later we decided that we won’t talk this situation. But our face of color were red.

We put notes on the table like a not do anything. Two week later we were going to enter examination from this lesson.

Me and my friend studied from teacher’s book not the notes..Of course we couldn’t studied whole book. Because the book was very thick.

When we learnt our examination’s points we lived dissapoinment. Me and my friend points were lower than the other.Because the others only studied from notes. But we studied from the unpublication book there for we confused allthing..

Our story’s main idea is : It must be the God’s justice :)

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